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About Watchtail.com

Watchtail.com is a site for furry artists to stream their art as they draw it. We welcome all furry artists; no one will get banned for what they draw. We do have one rule, though: Keep it on the page, and keep it in your pants.

"Keep it on the Page" means that you should only stream your art, be it traditional, on your computer, or even fursuit building. Playing video games doesn't count. "Keep it in your pants" means we don't want to see your junk, or other explicit content involving live people. Really, this still falls under the first rule: You wouldn't be keeping it on the page if you did that.

Getting Started

Broadcasting on Watchtail is easy. Just sign up and log in, using the links at the top. Once you are logged in, hit Broadcast. You will be brought to your channel page, where a window will pop up asking for access to your camera. Set it to the input you want, and hit OK. You can change the input later by clicking the options button. When you're ready, click on the video to go live. That's it!

Using the Chatroom

Members of the site can talk to the artist via the chatrooms. There are a few features which make this very easy. You can see a list of people in the chat by clicking the icon in the bottom right. If you're looking at the userlist, or have scrolled up in the chat, a "..." icon will appear which you can click to bring you back to the most recent comments. Pasting a link in the chat will automatically format it so that other people can visit it. Links open in new windows. If you'd like to type an action line, use the /me command, which is just like the command in IRC. Unfortunately, the /nick name-changing feature has been disabled temporarily, but it will be back soon.

Changing Password and Other Settings

You can change your account password by clicking on "Options" under your username once you are logged in. While there, you can also set your channel rating, set a password on your channel, and even set it as private so it does not show up on the home page.

Supporting Watchtail

You can advertise on Watchtail for a low monthly rate, or get a permanent custom banner for your channel page. Learn more here.